Simple &


Some of data management needs are uncomplicated. Simple needs require inexpensive simple solutions.

Suite comprising of data analysis tools, workflow management solutions and reporting including ad-hoc reporting platform.

Simple to use, requires some basic SQL skills.

Requires LAPM or WAMP stack. Works in self-hosted or shared web-hosting environments.

Business Consulting

On premises or remote IT business consulting with a focus on data analysis, ETL, Reporting/Dashboarding using Rapidense Suite and/or any SQL like database.

Web-app Development

Pre-built modules from Rapid & Dense can be extended to develop any data-driven web-app (+ Electron desktop app) that runs on PHP/MySQL/Apache. Pure HTML5 responsive websites can be designed using Dense Framework.

Print Book Publication

Fully guided solution for authors to publish books and making books available through various distribution partners. Available for India and Australia based authors.



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